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The Call of the Wild - Animal Charms

Everyone has a favorite wild animal that they love and know a lot about. For both young girls and women a collection of wild animal charms including their favorite animal or wild animals from a particular region can be a wonderful gift idea. Groups of charms around the same theme are a great way to show your appreciation and love for a particular species or group of animals in a very fashionable way.

Starting a friend or family member out with a wild animal themed collection of charms first starts with deciding which animal or animals to include. You may have to ask what their favorite animals are, or you may already know. Either option allows you to start finding charms for gifts once you pick the theme.

Most styles of animal themed charms are going to be found in both silver or gold as well as other types of metals. Selecting the type of metal is really a personal choice for collections of charms, but often people stay with all silver charms or all gold charms and a matching type of bracelet.

For those that like their jewelry to be very versatile, consider a bracelet and charms that combine both silver and gold. This is a great option if you are focusing in on only one animal as it gives you more options for combining and adding new charms over the years.

Animal themed bracelets don't just have to focus on one type of animal. For those that travel or love visiting other countries or areas, a collection of charms of animals from those locations may be a good idea as well. With just a bit of research it isn't hard to find native species and then start looking for the charms to match.
This is often a great option if the country has lots of native species or is famous for one or more particular types of animals. Australia is a great example, home to kangaroos, koala bears, dingoes and various types of very beautiful bird species. A collection of charms featuring all these animals would be both sensational and eye catching.

Focusing in on one animal and starting a very detailed collection of charms all featuring that one species is a great way to highlight an area of interest. All different types of stylized charms, lifelike charms or even disk style charms can be used to signify and represent the specific animal.

Adding a few different charms that feature related aspects of the animal or animal group is another way to add a change to the bracelet. Charms of the country, legends of the animals or even the habitat for the animal is a great way to expand the charms on the bracelet while staying right in the wild animal theme.

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